13 Ways To Take Screenshots On Windows 10 With Specific End Result

Beyond that, SnagIt can extract text from screenshots, annotate them, replace text in the screenshots, and do pretty much else you imagine a screenshot tool should be able to do. It’s a great application that we recommend, especially if you need to take a lot of screenshots. To find this option, you will need to […]

How to Use CHKDSK to Scan & Fix Windows Hard Drive

In the regedit I messed around with some stuff and now I cant install League of Legends or Microsoft Office. Okay, I will (I don’t have any reason to doubt you, I just sometimes wait a bit and make sure no one else replies and says something different, then I select the solution). [/td] [/tr] […]

Windows 11 available on October 5 Windows Experience Blog

The new Microsoft Store for Windows 11 looks fantastic and is more organized than almost any other app store I’ve used. At the top of the Start Menu is a search blank or you can use the standalone Search tool next to the Start Menu in the Taskbar. As a universal search, it will look […]

How long can you use Windows 10 without activation?

Just because a keyboard is targeted at Apple users doesn’t mean you can’t use it on a PC as well. In the case of the Magic Keyboard, it’s Bluetooth-enabled, so users can connect it to any PC that has Bluetooth capabilities, or they can plug it in via the bundled USB cable. On the Bluetooth […]

How and when to upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft has fixed all of these problems, but it’s safe to assume that Windows 11 will present more bugs than Windows 10, even if Microsoft is quick to address them. Many people have found that they cannot install Windows 11 because their PC does not have TPM 2.0. This is a physical chip included in […]