Import & Export Management

Importing and exporting can open new markets, increase your competitiveness and help your company strive. However, it is important to be aware of every government’s regulations issued by the different departments who oversee these procedures at their borders.

International trade is heavily regulated and without the proper licensing you can suffer significant penalties. This is where Atlas Group’s professionals can step in and deal with all the necessary legislation to ensure your goods cross over borders hassle free without incorporating surcharges.

WESTA Group are fully licensed to offer services to support you for both importing and exporting such as:

  • Import preferences
  • Export preferences
  • Import license quotas
  • Export license quotas
  • Tariff quotas
  • Managing all major permits and certificates required for importing and exporting

Solid logistics infrastructure to handle your products in our target markets.
Specialised services required to run your local operations including: product registration, brand registration, regulatory support, customs handling, import & export transaction handling, supply chain management, invoicing and cash collection.

Having an own network of trading firms in emerging markets enables us to support our customers in creating a local trading capability. Together with our customer we define the right export and import model which meets the demands of their suppliers and buyers.


Why choose us

We Trade

We buy & ship products to and from emerging markets

We enable our customers to focus on their core-business by letting us take care of the sourcing, quality control, export/import process management, transaction handling and final shipping arrangements.

We Oversee

Our team of traders & logistic specialists safeguard our clients interest during the moments of buying & shipping.

Our team of traders and logistic specialists guarantee that the product quality and operational efficiencies are management on our customers behalf. Our on the ground presence guarantees a quick response time and continuous focus on managing operational boundaries.

We Deliver

Our logistics operation supports our clients by ensuring import & export transactions which are handled effectively and are executed in the most effective way.

Transportation & logistics we leave up to the specialist of choice. We find the best supplier, we make the best deal, we formulate the most suitable export or import method and execute the order processing and manage shipment operations on global level.

We offer logistic solutions

From document preparation, logistics coordination, supervising customs processes, temporary import procedures, transport coordination, transaction handling, shipment consolidation, and other value-added services to make export deliveries more easier.