WESTA group is a full-fletch consulting firm, servicing clients on business consulting and business development areas. Our team has a strong international experience across various sectors. We work with our clients closely to address their most critical business issues. We stand by them in exploring growth opportunities. We strive when our clients strive so for us the top priority is the satisfaction of our clients and we work very hard to achieve this. Our two focus areas are business consulting and business development.
WESTA group strives to create long-term relationships with all clients based on trust. For us, success goes through being a credible and trustworthy company which is a reference point in the business consulting and business development sector.

Our Principles

  • To keep client satisfaction at the forefront of our service at every stage
  • To utilise our sectoral knowledge and experience in creating dynamic solutions for our clients
  • To analyse the needs and requirements of our clients in depth to propose the most effective solutions for them
  • To use our international experience in formulating unique solutions for our clients
  • To apply all our principles without any preconditions at every point of our service

We work with individuals and corporations to address the issues they might face in various areas of their lives or businesses. For corporations, we provide services such as consulting on market entry, pricing, human resources, growth strategies, pricing models, and product selection projects. For individuals, we provide consulting on their major purchase decisions such as insurance policies