Rays Projects

In Westa Group, many projects related to different types of rays such as X-rays, alpha-rays and gamma rays have been carried out.

These projects have been done for metal industries such as steels, aluminum, copper and even industries such as medical.
More details are given below:
Design, installation and operation of thickness gauge, width gauge, coating gauge and pin hole detector systems such as:
X-ray project for width gauge in Saudi Arabia’s Alhadid Steel Company
X-ray project for multi-stage aluminum thickness gauges in United Arab Emirates (EGA)
X-ray project for coating thickness gauge on galvanized sheet in United Arab Emirates (Emirates steel)
Troubleshooting and solving problems of X-ray equipment in the field of medical engineering industry
Troubleshooting and restarting CT scan and MRI in Emirates Hospital
Solving problems and optimizing X-rays in Emirates Clinic (Mediclinic)