Sales & Marketing

From pre-entry strategic planning to post-sales support, we deliver integrated sales, marketing and technical support solutions. A key component of our success is the depth and breadth of services we provide. As the focal point for our clients’ sales efforts, WESTA group achieves a powerful presence through inspired marketing and creative brand building. This is backed by a company-wide commitment to customer satisfaction while minimizing operational costs.

Step 1:

Brand Activation, Product Positioning and Business Development Services for your products.

Step 2:

Access to the required channels to market in Europe & Asia

We localize products and open new markets for our customers

Customers come to us to open up specific export markets, need our help in improving their international sales or assistance in localizing their products for specific international markets. Our business developers support our customers every step of the way. Between brainstorming, defining the market-entry strategy and making pricing models we make sure that their products can be positioned. We also design the best sales-channels and supply-chains to optimize pricing, delivery of products and improving the time-to-market.